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lights galoreWell this is exciting! I have lights in my bathroom again. Brand new LED nice bright white ones. This was a bit of a saga because one of the old ones burnt out (or so I thought) quite some time ago. I tried changing the bulb but it still wouldn’t work, so my landlord sent over his handyman and I was told the connector needed replacing and he’d be back. As I say, that was awhile ago, and then one by one the bulbs started dying, until I only had two left. I thought that at this rate I’d soon by showering by candlelight.

Pablito had said he would change them for me (he had already come over to fix a faulty socket that had blown up my hairdryer) but then LOCKDOWN happened. Anyhow, today was finally the day and my landlord once again sent Antonio (AKA Tony Black Hands) to replace all the lights. I was concerned that he wasn’t wearing a mask, but he did take off his shoes as requested, and I kept my distance (and then spent two hours disinfecting the bathroom). I guess because there’s not much else going on I am feeling way too thrilled about having new lights. And tomorrow I will paint the bathroom ceiling because, well, Tony Black Hands.

Also just signed a new contract for Casa Azahar, so I am really feeling safe and happy in my lovely home. Except now I need 😎 to go into the bathroom.