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Nile fever? Seriously? WTF 2020?? Yep, that’s the latest here in Sevilla and – I have read – possibly soon to spread across Spain. Fucking Nile fever caused by mosquitoes from Doñana National Park that have over-reproduced this summer due to high humidity (why are they infected? no idea). And no, these are not normal mosquitoes that tend to only come out at dusk and dawn, apparently these fuckers are out all day long. Though to be honest, haven’t seen any in the city. Yet.

At last count there were 40 cases reported with 23 people hospitalised, 8 in ICU and 2 deaths (both very elderly people). All but one of these cases originated in Coría del Río, a village about 15 kms outside of Sevilla that is located, as the name suggests, on the banks of the river Guadalquivir, which connects to Doñana on its way to the sea.

At first I thought I would have to stop my recently resumed daily river walks, mostly because, well, RIVER. Yes, the same Guadalquivir (arabic for big water – it’s a very big river, second longest in Spain) but further up. Instead I opted to buy some mosquito repellent and spritz that shit all over my arms and legs before heading out.

I mean… it’s easily between 30-35º when I’m out there early afternoon. And I’m not outside any other time. Might end up also buying one of those plug in things for the bedroom. Because I can honestly say that the only times I remember being bitten by a mosquito in Sevilla, in 27 years, has been in my bedroom.

But I mean honestly… Nile fever mosquitoes in the south, murder hornets now in the north. What’s next, a plague of locust? I probably shouldn’t even joke about that…