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walk restart (1)-001

As of yesterday I have resumed my daily river walks. Well okay, they may not end up being daily, but that’s the plan. And it really does feel good. Of course the walks, like everything else, came to an abrupt halt when we were all locked down mid-March. Then in April I started walking on my rooftop, which actually was fine for awhile. I did try the river walk a month or so ago, but there were so many people out there, most without masks (it’s not mandatory if you’re doing individual sport activities, but frankly with that amount of people it was hardly “individual”) that I didn’t try it again. Until yesterday. To be honest, it’s been too damn hot to go walking, either in the street or on my roof, other than maybe 5 in the morning, but this week it’s somewhat cooler. And since my dodgy shoulder keeps me from doing much exercise at home I’ve gone back to walking.

Need to get my timing down though. If I go out too early (peak coolish hours) then EVERYONE will be out there, gasping and panting their droplets all over the place as they run or cycle by WAY TOO CLOSE. Also, when I finished it would be too early to reward myself with a frosty cold beer. So I am thinking maybe leave here at 11.30 and finish up around 1.00? It is definitely beer o’clock by then and still not the hottest time of the day. Let’s see how that works out.

Of course this would mean going out EVERY DAY, which is something I have been avoiding like, well, the plague. I have already started going out once a week for lunch, which still feels risky to me, but I am taking every precaution. And aside from taking out the rubbish and occasional grocery shopping that’s really been it. So how risky is going out for a daily walk? And yeah I don’t have to have a beer every time, which would cut down on close contact with people, but man that frosty beer feels so good going down when I’m all hot and thirsty. And I get to say hi to my favourite bar guys. So I guess I’ll just play it by ear. The cases here (and everywhere) are rising daily again… second wave coming?

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