Second time since lockdown, though my trusty calendar tells me that I dyed my hair back in mid-December, then didn’t do it again until mid-June (!!!) and now… well, today. Used to be I’d dye it every 2-3 months. So it was a bit of a shocker when I went six months without a touch-up. If my hair would go grey dramatically then I wouldn’t bother, but it ends up just looking like I FORGOT TO DYE MY HAIR. If it ever gets interesting-looking, for example going all white overnight, then I’ll just leave it.

Have only had one haircut since December too, in July, so I guess I’m due. But I almost can’t be bothered. Especially as I really hate spending time at the hairdresser (even though I quite like mine), which is also why I dye at home. It takes about half an hour, so quick and easy.

Last time I got my hair cut I asked Joaquín to just cut it and I’d let it dry naturally on the way home. Even though I was the only person in the salon I didn’t want him to be blow-drying droplets from previous clients all over my face. How’s your hair doing these days?