missing malaga

Quite bittersweet stuff on social media this week with those MEMORIES they pop into your timeline so you can remember where you were on this day however many years ago. I mean, they are usually quite nice, but this year – and especially this week – I am just reminded almost daily that I SHOULD BE IN MÁLAGA.

I don’t actually remember the last time I didn’t go to Málaga in December, even for a couple of days. It’s become such an annual thing… Málaga in the summer and Málaga at Christmas. Needless to say I didn’t get there this past summer either. And in theory I could go as of this Friday, when they relax the travel restrictions so that we can now travel between provinces within our regions. In fact a friend very generously offered to pay for my train fare. But I just can’t. First of all… don’t wanna die! And of course I would not risk infecting other people outside my small living bubble (not an official bubble, but it’s somewhat bubblish).

Since… October??… I started only going out maybe a couple of times a week. During the summer and even September things felt almost normal in spite of the restrictions and even I was feeling less threatened by the virus, while of course taking all the precautions when out. But then numbers started climbing again and I decided to stay home more. Turned out that Andalucía in November had the highest number of new Covid cases and DEATHS since April, so that was probably a good decision. For those who don’t know, I am high risk for catching this fucker, with compromised immune system due to previous cancer and chemo.

And now there’s this whole SAVE CHRISTMAS thing, which once again is just the government gambling with our lives in order to keep the economy going. Because make no mistake. The economy is going to be just fine even with all those elderly, sick and poor people dead and gone. Heck, might even be better off. Less of a social financial burden. And so the idea is that during the two weeks of Christmas (Dec 23 – Jan 6) otherwise also known as COLD AND FLU SEASON people will suddenly be allowed to travel again between regions in Spain. Why? Well, so they can spend Christmas just like they always have. I could spit.

I wonder how Jews, Hindus, Chinese, Arabs… etc etc etc… feel about how they have had to forfeit their own religious festivities because, well, they don’t really matter do they? It’s only Christmas that matters! Because it’s the big global money maker. Yeah, I know you’ve heard me rant on enough about how selfish and short-sighted so many people are being, which is only helping to prolong this situation. And now I have had to turn down an opportunity to do something I love so much that has become a Christmas tradition for me. Also,  unlike last year, I won’t be able to have Christmas dinners with friends and their families. I’ll be at home, alone, like I have been since March 14th. Nobody to hug and have close by. And you know what? Big fucking deal. It’s just one year (well maybe!).

So this Christmas I’ll be staying at home saving lives. How about you?