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the schedule

So this happened. I thought it was high time I got myself organised, especially as it seems I’m going to be in perpetual self-isolation for another year. At the moment they are saying they hope to have approximately 50% of people in Andalucía vaccinated BY NEXT OCTOBER. Like wtf? As previously discussed here, I am not only in a high-risk category for catching the virus, my age and other health issues make it very likely I wouldn’t survive Covid. So yeah, staying Covid-free is pretty important. But so is my mental health, and I have to say the past couple of weeks have been much harder on me than the previous year (well, so far). And so I’ve decided to give my days some structure by setting up a daily schedule of Things To Do.

Why didn’t I do this back in March? Who knows. I mean, back in March we all thought this would be over by the summer and drifting for awhile didn’t seem like a bad idea. In fact, it was a way of coping, just allowing myself to “go with the flow”. But now I just feel adrift, and that’s not good. I look around me and everything feels out of control, so it’s time to take back some of that. It may sound simplistic but just making sure I have something to do each day is already making me feel better. Will I stick to it? Guess we’ll find out. Have to say I’m looking forward to having a tidy apartment again.  🙂

What ways have you found to help ride out the pandemic?