azahar sevilla

I have spent the past few hours today getting a start on (hopefully) making my Azahar Sevilla website relevant again. I’ve been so focused on Sevilla Tapas the past few years that I kind of let things slip there. Then I got busy starting my We Love Tapas tours and that year also got sidetracked by Azahar Spain. So poor old Azahar Sevilla was neglected and, although still packed full of info, much of that info is in need of updating.

So I took another look at it this morning because I realised that I do have stories to tell about Sevilla. Many I have put up here on Casa Azahar, and some I have already copied to there (less sweary versions 😉 ) but I want to start making Azahar Sevilla a go-to place for people looking not just for information, but also stories, experiences and personal insights into this beautiful city that is my home. Stay tuned!