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After a sleepless night and fretful morning (me) and a stressful scream-filled taxi ride (Morcilla) we are home. Morcilla is just starting to perk up but is still quite groggy and wobbly. She keeps trying to walk but just ends up rolling over, poor thing. I have the small duvet folded up on the living room floor but she refuses to stay there, stubborn girl that she is, and ends up slipping and sliding all around on the marble floor. So I pick her up and put her back on the duvet and it starts all over again.

Anyhow, she needed six stitches in the end. Sonia had first thought just three but it turned out the lump went much deeper that she realised and she wanted to make sure she got all of it out. And so now we wait and hope it’s benign. I’m taking her back in for a quick check up on Friday morning and then the stitches come out about ten days after that. But for today I am on Morcilla Watch while she gets over the anaesthetic. My baby girl. 💛🐈‍⬛

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