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fauci mask

So I just saw this article about Dr Fauci predicting that people will be wearing masks well into 2022 and all I can say is…


Because of course we will. And should. And for possibly forever. At least during the usual “cold and flu season” from October – March. I mean, why wouldn’t we? It’s been shown that mask-wearing prevents not only coronavirus contagion, but also regular flu and the good ol’ common cold.

This has been the first year ever that I haven’t had my annual Christmas Cold. And anything that would help with not contracting ANY kind of flu is pretty much okey-dokey with me.

Meanwhile we have some government officials saying that we will be “back to normal” by April, others still trying to “save summer” tourism (because “saving Christmas” went so well?)… but Dr. Fauci maintains we will see nothing close to “normal” again until next year. How do you feel about that? I find it’s almost reassuring to have a more realistic “end” in sight, even though it’s going to be tough going.