So this didn’t happen last year because during Semana Santa we were on total lockdown and only allowed to go out to buy food, or go to the pharmacy. We weren’t even allowed out for walks (unless you owned a dog). Very strict times. And how soon we forget. This year Semana Santa has also been “cancelled” in terms of processions but the churches are open for people who want to visit their favourite images, etc.

Are people happy about this? Are they fuck. Everyone is still complaining about how they are “losing” yet another Semana Santa and – since they’ve been “allowed” by our idiot regional government – are flocking EVERYWHERE all dressed up and not giving a shit about anyone else. There have been massive queues (no social distancing) outside the churches, restaurants and bars are heaving, with still too many people not wearing them properly. Fourth wave, here we come!

Me? I went out for a walk, dodging the crowds, hoping for a photo or two of The Ladies who wear black dresses and mantillas on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, in mourning for Christ. Usually I find little clusters of them but this time just spotted a couple of couples. But that was good enough for me and, after a (socially distanced) tapas snack and a beer, went home again.