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Yes, more brown food and one of my specialities – the fridge forage. Today’s was frozen pork & beef meatballs cooked with sweet onions, garlic, portobellos, amontillado… buttery mash with wilted baby spinach on the side. Took me about two hours to do this and it totally saved me. Because I woke up this morning not sure how I was going to get through another day, as in what the fuck was I going to do with all those hours. So I did a bit of this and that, realised I wasn’t able to go out, and then decided to COOK SOMETHING. In the end I got to do something creative, share it on my social media (yes, I’m one of those) and also have a tasty meal. By then I was calmer and could settle down with Morcilla to do a bit of Netflixing. Somehow it’s now almost time for bed, again, and then it will be tomorrow, again. Wish me luck!