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B and D (1)

Behold the Buch + Deichmann Infinite hair slide. Back in Toronto I had quite a selection of B + D hair accessories. They were cute and colourful and they lasted forever. Well, almost. About a month ago I noticed I was down to my last one. Or so I thought, until a rummage through some old boxes turned up a used-to-be-black one (my favourite, the red one, broke a few years ago). I used to have a white one too.

Anyhow, this got me thinking about where I might find them again since B + D is no longer making them (they’re now into sunglasses). So after googling without any luck I asked on Twitter, and later Instagram, and finally found a supplier of vintage B + D stuff on Etsy. In Canada!

B and D (2)

However, there were no Infinite hair slides to be found. Anywhere. At all. Instead I opted for a dark red slide the same size as the infinity ones, and three smaller ones. In fact the smaller ones will be more practical now that I HARDLY HAVE ANY HAIR ANYMORE. Anyhow, they arrived today, as you can see, and I’m way out-of-all-proportion happy with them. Will not say how much I paid for this happiness, but I’ve had so few treats this past year or so that I decided FUCK IT.  And since my Infinite hair slides have lasted more than 35 years, I reckon these new ones are going to outlive me. So… worth it.  🙂