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When first reading about the breakthrough Covid infections it didn’t sound too scary as it seemed like it was something bound to happen, especially because of unvaxxed anti-mask assholes, and I thought maybe this was part of the process of attaining so-called herd immunity. That people would get sick, but not in a life threatening way, or so we’ve been told. And living in Spain, I’ve felt grateful that so many people here WANT to be vaccinated, and also want their kids vaccinated. They can’t wait.

But recently I’ve heard from fully-vaccinated UK friends of mine who were travelling abroad to visit family (being super careful, staying in their “bubbles”). They wouldn’t have known if they hadn’t been travelling and required a test to return home and then – bam! – they tested positive with no symptoms whatsoever and had to go into quarantine.

And so now I’m scared. Again. I mean… no symptoms whatsoever. BUT they could still be contagious and spreading the virus (usually these days the extra contagious Delta) far and wide. And who knows if they got infected just before travelling, or on the plane, at the airport, or during their trip. And not everyone is just getting off as lightly as my friends… once again ICUs are at capacity, hospital staff are overwhelmed and frankly worn out. And yet people are acting like it’s all “back to normal” now. I truly despair.

I have a few tapas tours lined up for September and I have made it clear that I am only doing private tours with fully vaccinated people within their own group. But with Delta. and now Delta-Plus, is being vaccinated enough? A friend suggested I should also ask clients to take a lateral flow test before the tour. I honestly don’t know what to do any more. But I can’t help but think that if everyone would just stay the fuck at home for a few more months then maybe we’d have a chance at beating this thing.