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This is seriously taking hasselbacks to another level. I don’t remember where I first saw this but I knew straight away I had to try making deep-friend baby hasselback potatoes. Basically you take some baby potatoes and parboil them for about 8 minutes, then strain them and let them cool. Then do the hasselback thing to them (I used a spoon so I didn’t cut straight through) and deep fry them, again for about 8 minutes (oil temp about 185ºC).

I normally use a large frying pan for “deep frying” so the oil isn’t actually that deep and you have to flip the whatever (fish, chicken, chips) but it seemed like these babies had to be submerged, so I used a small saucepan instead. Same amount of oil, just less space, so I did these in three batches. Oh, and I always use extra virgin olive oil for frying.

Anyhow… they turned out well but I would have liked them to be crispier. I think next time I should spread the sliced potatoes open a bit more before I pop them in the hot oil. Tricky when they’re so small as there’s more risk of them just breaking apart. Apparently you can also roast them or use an air fryer, but of course then you’d have to slather them in herby butter first. Good for making ahead of time too, then just quickly reheat in the oven.

I had mine as a side dish with a greek-ish salad (and salsa az for dipping). I think because they’re so small they could also be great as an appetiser or a party/movie snack with dips. So if you try making them and manage to get them extra crispy, please let me know how you did that.