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I have been thinking about earpods since my old iPod finally died a few months ago. Or rather, suddenly all the music disappeared and I have no idea why. Because after that my only option for listening to music outside my home was to use my iPhone and this adaptor that has an input for an earphone jack and an usb (see below). I’d originally bought this a couple of years ago for travelling and it’s great for that, so I can listen to music/watch a film on a train/plane and keep the phone or iPad charging. But it’s not so great while walking, having another extension thing sticking out along with the already tangly earphone cords… and of course all of this gets even more complicated and clumsy when you add masks to the equation.

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But there was no way I was going to drop 200€ (that I don’t even have) on a pair of Apple Airpods, especially as I felt sure I’d end up losing at least one of them before long. Then I came across an article about the Anker Soundcore ones (pictured above) that cost 50€ and seemed to do everything I was looking for. Which was mostly getting rid of all the cords but it had some other cool features and also got great reviews. So I went for it.

And well, it’s been interesting. I mean, not having any cords getting caught in my mask, hair and the shoulder strap of my bag is the main bonus, but I can also hear the music better as these are quite (but not totally) noise cancelling. That’s the “interesting” part, because it’s a bit like wearing ear plugs so that I hear my breathing, heartbeats, footsteps way more than I’d like to. Guess I’ll get used to that? Anyhow, it’s good to have these. And they totally stay in my ears!