knickers galore

What an idiot. Last week I placed an order for some new M&S high-leg cotton knickers, same ones I’ve been buying forever because I just cannot find comfy knickers like this in Sevilla. I’d noticed that some of mine were ready to go to knicker heaven, and that prompted me to place this order. They arrived, got washed, and then got piled into my mess of a closet. Whatever. Fine. EXCEPT today I decided to clean out that closet and also my bedroom chest of drawers and … omg! I found tons of knickers I didn’t even know I had! I have just kept taking the ones off the top of the pile without realising there were knickers galore lurking below them. This is in part because I have the worst designed bedroom closets ever and, gotta admit, I’m a bit lazy about keeping them organised. So anyhow… looks like I’m set knicker-wise for some time to come. Next up is a closet full of clothes I haven’t looked at in almost two years. I plan on being ruthless.