I was originally going to stay two nights in Cádiz but then decided one night would be enough and, well, good thing I changed my plans. Got home yesterday evening after approximately 36 hours away to find Casa Azahar had turned into a cat vomitorium with patches of vomit all over the floors, including one massive hair ball. I reckoned this was Loki because whenever I leave the food out all day (which is only when I go away) he eats like a pig, often until he vomits. And then he gets diarrhea. So much fun. Anyhow, when I went to Arcos on Monday I left out enough food for the day, and Loki was already inhaling it by the time I was walking out the door, but when I got home later in the afternoon, aside from Loki being in a food coma, everyone was fine. Was not so lucky this time.

I cleaned up all the vomit last night and then noticed some other stains on the floor, clear ones that I hadn’t initially spotted. So I spent another half hour hunting down more with all the lights on, and also cleaned those up, plus changed the cat sand. And just when I was about to take a nice hot shower and relax Luna puked up a foamy clear liquid. About half an hour later Morcilla did the same. WTF. This was clearly not going to be the relaxing post-trip evening I’d envisioned on the train ride home.

This morning I hoped that whatever ‘bug’ the girls seemed to have was over. But shortly after waking up first Luna, then Morcilla, vomited the same foamy liquid again. Called the vet first thing when they opened and she had no idea what could be wrong and, aside from bringing them all in (!!!), the next best thing was to try them on prescription soft food today and see if they’re better tomorrow.

I mean, Loki is fine, aside from being hangry. I didn’t see him vomiting last night or today, but withheld food from all of them until I spoke to the vet. He is to get his usual food, poco á poco, with some malt. And the girls will get the prescription food (as soon as it arrives – Peter has gone to pick some up for me). It was also suggested (on twitter) that this might be stress related as it’s the first time I have left them overnight since March 2020. Who knows. Anyhow, for today I am staying in, finishing off my Decanter article, and looking after my little family.