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flamenco theatre

So this was a lovely surprise. Got a text this week from my old pal Javier who managed the Flamenco Museum for many years before moving to Madrid to start up a flamenco venue with his brother there. Turns out he’s back in Sevilla and, again with his brother, has a new flamenco place here. This one is quite different from the usual “tablaos” as it is in the old Teatro Quintero (now Teatro Pathé) with an elegant bar in the lobby and red velvet tiered seating.

Javier told me his concept is to offer a flamenco experience in Sevilla that would be as much a draw for locals as tourists and he invited me to come and see the show. I loved it. The performance is more theatrical than classic, with choreographed bits similar to flamenco ballet, interspersed with traditional “palos”. Another difference is that the singers and guitarist are miked and during one or two pieces recorded music is used.

Teatro Flamenco Sevilla shares the space with Pathé and has a daily show at 6.30 pm, after which the theatre programme takes over. General tickets are 25€ and Premium ones (including reserved seating and a drink in the bar) are 34€. Tickets for Sevilla residents are 15€.