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A week or so ago I had a look through music streaming options. Years ago I paid for Spotify but wasn’t happy with it and then I started listening to YouTube music at home on the laptop. Yes, with the pesky ads, but whatever. Then a couple of months ago my trusty old iPod Nero suddenly kicked the bucket – one day all the music just disappeared – so I had nothing to listen to on my walks. And so I tried out YouTube premium on a trial offer but it felt a bit clunky.

So then it was back to Spotify and I decided to sign up for one month and give it another try. TWO DAYS before all the shit hit the fan with the Neil and Joni protests (omg felt so proud to be Canadian!) which left me with almost a month of paid for Spotify. Which okay, I will use up because, let’s face it, I’m not made of money. But I am now left looking for an alternative. Because I really want to keep up my walks and having music with me just makes it so much more pleasurable.

So, do you have a favourite? I’m thinking of going with Apple Music because their catalogue is similar to Spotify and they don’t promote shitbag podcasters. But maybe there are others out there?