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Here is the weekly Wednesday antigen test. Once again looking good. But today someone told me that doing a test every week when I have no symptoms seemed excessive since there is no protocol in place for doing so. What do you think? I think most “official” protocols are politically-based, rather than science-based. I also think that taking a weekly test isn’t just about me feeling safer, it’s also about being responsible, for my clients and also for my flat mate, now that I am sharing my home again. And now that the price of a test has been government regulated to just under 3€ it’s not exactly a financial issue, and it only takes 15 minutes.

My feeling is that people so desperately wanting to get back to “normal” haven’t yet grasped the fact that that ship has sailed, and that “living with Covid” means that many things that were normal before are going to have to change and will probably be changed forever. I’m okay with that. Why wouldn’t I be? How about you?