just no

Estimados camareros
Por favor, no lleve vasos de agua o cerveza a las mesas de esta manera. A nadie le gusta.
Todo el mundo 🍻

Dear waiters
Please do not carry glasses of water or beer to tables this way. Nobody likes it.
Yours truly

It really should be a no-brainer because I mean WTAF? For the record the above photo is a “re-enactment” by Peter after our waiter brought our water glasses to the table like this. Even though his other hand was free. And like… gaaaahhh. I mean, these guys go on to pick up dirty plates and glasses, give tables a wipe with the icky yellow cloth and then keep serving food without washing their hands. The LEAST they can do is not smear the rim of your drinking glass with whatever gack is stuck to their hands. Sadly still a not infrequent occurrence here in Sevilla.