Yeah I know… I shouldn’t be BUYING STUFF when I’m broke and off work all summer thanks to fucking Covid and Monkeypox. But… it turns out I lost my TV-watching glasses, I think when I went to Barcelona in May. Though of course I can’t be sure where I lost them or they wouldn’t still be lost. Anyhoodle, I was more or less getting by without them okay but then I saw that my neighbourhood optician was having a 2-for-1 sale so I not only got another pair of normal glasses but also some new sunglasses as my old ones are now 6 years old and looking a bit worse for wear. Okay, they’re not the most stylish or posh (my previous sunglasses cost three times what this two-fer cost me) but they are doing the job and I quite like that my “at home” ones have the clear frames since I really only use them for watching TV. It’s like not having glasses on at all.

Weird thing about getting tested again is that my prescription hasn’t changed in 40 years. It’s still a slight miopia, not even enough that I’d be required to wear glasses if I still had a driving license. But it’s just a bit more comfortable for TV, especially when reading subtitles. I notice it more when I’m outside because things “pop” a bit more with the prescription sunglasses. They also tested me for reading glasses and decided what I have, at least for now, is what they call “tired vision”, which basically means I couldn’t read the smallest row of eensy weensy text. And so! New glasses bitches! 😎