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sorry closed

Yep, again. You may recall that I finally got back to work again last September after more than a year and a half of my business being totally shut down, and without any government support.  In spite of being quite desperate for some income I was waiting until I got my second jab before facing the travelling public at close quarters. And things were starting to pick up when omicron hit early December and I made the difficult decision to shut down again December-January because, well, same deal. It just wasn’t worth the risk.

Since then travel has become “easier”, meaning that Covid prevention measures are mostly removed everywhere now. And so of course Covid B5 and other variants are running rampant, not to mention monkeypox. During the first two years of the pandemic I didn’t know anyone personally who had contracted Covid. Not here, not globally. But since about 1-2 months ago suddenly EVERYONE is catching it, and not a week goes by without a few friends getting sick. Including my flat mate Peter in mid-May. Talk about close to home!

And now with EVERYONE going on summer holiday, mostly not taking any precautions, and certainly not getting tested, I’ve decided to shut down again for the rest of the summer, just like I did last winter. No, I cannot afford to do this, but I also refuse to risk my health, my life, all because people can’t be bothered to care about other people.

This week I have two tapas tours with people who booked ages ago, so I will honour those. But after that… looks like I’ll be off work and staycationing at home until September.