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Last spring I was in El Corte Inglés taking the escalator up to the top floor (gourmet food shop) and by chance noticed a Telefónica Movistar desk on the fourth floor. And there was no queue! So I thought I’d just check in to see if I could get a better deal on my internet-tv contract. Well imagine my surprise (horror!) when I discovered that for the past four years I’d been paying an extra 20 euros a month for a fucking sports channel that I didn’t even know I’d signed up for (!!!). So got that cancelled. Phew. And then it turned out that with my renewed contract I could choose a device from their online catalogue, which mostly included tablets, smart watches, smart tvs… none of which I needed. Especially as I was only looking at the ones that wouldn’t cost me anything and they weren’t especially interesting brands. Meanwhile for the past almost year Movistar has kept sending me reminder emails that I still haven’t chosen my device.

So the other day I had another look and saw that they had added some new 0€ options: a robot vacuum cleaner and a couple of soundbars. And I thought… soundbar? I mean, the robot vacuum might have been fun with the cats for a while, but then again, maybe not. I also wondered if there was a time limit on claiming my free device. Anyhoodle, this baby is now coming my way. I usually have the “hard of hearing” subtitles on for Peter since he is, well, hard of hearing. But this might make everything sound a bit nicer? What the heck, it’s free. And I was thinking that I might be able to play my music streaming using this, which would actually be very cool.

Anybody out there have one of these? Any advice?

UPDATE: It arrived! Took about 3 (very stress filled) hours to set up tho, mostly moving shelving and the tv stand around and then trying to find 2 more places to plug shit in. So far I’ve mostly noticed that the Netflix Da-Dum has way more bass.