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So THE SOUNDBAR arrived much sooner than I thought it would and at first I thought this was a good thing. Ha. What it meant was I lost an entire afternoon setting the fucker up. Initially I thought I’d take a quick glance at it, then looked over the instructions, realised I had NO IDEA how this worked. First instruction was “plug the soundbar into an HDMI ARC port”. Like, with what? It didn’t come with an HDMI cord. And yeah, I could have put it aside for another moment but I’d already unboxed the thing and somehow couldn’t leave it uninstalled. I get like that.
And so it began. After realising I could use the HDMI cord from the seldom-used Blu-ray player, I did that thinking I could pick up another cord another day. But where to put that big fucking woofer? And where to plug in the soundbar and woofer?? That proved to be the most challenging thing because the only free outlet was behind a tall bookshelf that is BOLTED TO THE WALL. I already have a total octopus behind the TV with five different things plugged into an extension cord bar (that is plugged into an outlet behind the other bookcase that is also bolted to the wall) and didn’t want to add to it.

So okay fine. Decided big ugly woofer would have to sit on the small bookcase next the the bolted-to-the-wall one with the only available plug behind it. And then the soundbar could sit in front of the TV, also plugged into that same unreachable outlet. So… got that all set up somehow as a trial (since cords were still visible) turned everything on and fuck… the soundbar sitting in front of the TV blocked the signal from the remote control. JFC. Back to the drawing board.

Then decided that the soundbar could actually fit behind the TV and that there was enough open space between the base and TV for sound to come through (RIGHT??) but in order to do that I had to move both modems and their wiring (WITH 4 DIFFERENT CONNECTIONS EACH) through a small opening behind the shelf below, next to the now probably defunct Blu-Ray. And I even managed to mostly hide the woofer cord by shoving it into the almost non-existent space between the two bookcases.

But I still wasn’t done. Seven devices plugged into two outlets. That leaves a LOT of cords dangling all over the place. And while I don’t really care about how that looks, what I do care about is Morcilla’s penchant for chewing on cords, especially the fine ones that come with a smartphone, or connect a device to a power source. So I had to use the only thing I could think of to cover up the tangle of tempting cords… a couple of towels. Not elegant, but nobody will see it other than me. And now you.

Meanwhile, the main difference I’ve noticed so far is that the Netflix DA DUM intro has way more bass. So was it all worth it? I guess we’ll see. I’m actually hoping to connect my music streaming to this system. I think that would be great.

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