Just home from the vet’s from another post op check up and antibiotic jab (last one) and found out the biopsy results had come back. And it’s benign!!! OMG. I don’t even know how to feel. I mean of course I am so relieved and happy and all that but I’ve been so wound up tight since the operation, well even before that, I think it’s going to take a bit for it all to sink in. But yeah, I can breathe again. That feels good. And my girl is on the mend.

The hard part now will be that Morcilla has to keep the dread collar on for another week (we go to get the stitches taken out a week tomorrow) and there’s no way she’s going to like that. We will also have to keep camping out in my bedroom at night with her own food and water dishes and litter box. In part to keep her in check (she’s already learned how to take the cone off) but also to keep her separated from Luna, who is being a hissy-spitty weirdo.

Ufff, can I tell you? Since I was little I have never been able to sleep with my bedroom door closed. Nor can I sleep in the dark. The door thing I can just about manage but I’ve had to rearrange the nightlight situation so there’s an extra one in my room now. But being closed off all night means that Luna (who used to love curling up under the sheets with me) is now bedding down with Peter and I can see that at the end of all this she will probably remain with him. Cat bed politics.

But the important thing is omg omg omg… Morcilla is going to be okay. I was so scared to even hope after taking Loki in for what I thought was a routine check up and then a week later he was gone. Anyhow, for now it’s all good. Thanks to everyone for your good wishes.

Test result translation below…


Microscopically, a cystic structure delimited by the kerantinized squamous stratified epithelium lining the infundibular portion of a hair follicle can be seen in the thickness of the dermis. The histological characteristics of said epithelium are typical, without actually observing cellular atypia or mitosis figures. Inside the cyst, keratotic material can be seen. This follicular cyst has been completely resected. DIAGNOSIS: Infundibular follicular cyst. PROGNOSIS: Fair

COMMENTS: In the sample submitted, the development of a neoplastic-type process was ruled out. The recommended treatment is complete surgical resection of the cyst, as was done in this case, avoiding possible complications (cyst rupture giving rise to boils that can become infected, etc.).