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So I don’t know about you but I CANNOT sleep in a totally dark room. I know lots of people install black-out curtains or blinds so not one bit of lights sneaks into their bedroom at night, but for me this is like being inside a coffin. Opening my eyes and not being about to see ANYTHING. GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH…

And so, when I moved into the new Casa Azahar I realized that my bedroom, which has a window opening onto the shared patio, doesn’t actually let much light into the room at night. I have been used to bedrooms with balconies that face onto streets, so there has always been streetlights and moonlight to keep my room gently lit during the night. At first I tried to brave it out, thinking I’d get used to it. But there was no way. I started leaving one of the bathroom or hallway lights on all night, but these were actually too bright. And then remembered night lights.

You know night lights. They are usually for kids who are afraid of the dark and need a bit of a glow in their rooms so that when they wake up in the middle of the night (just like me!) they don’t find themselves in TERRIFYING TOTAL PITCH BLACKNESS. So I had a look around the shops but couldn’t find them anywhere. Then a friend recommended the obvious – Amazon – and sure enough, there they were. So I bought a 4-pack of these guys, which were the style I was looking for, that plug straight into the socket. The only thing is that there is no on-off switch. They are light sensitive, which would be fine in a room that actually got bright during the day. So as they are on almost all the time I’m not sure how long they’ll last. I’m even travelling with them this week as my friend’s bedroom (with the blinds down) is a bit too dark for me. Love ’em.