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ac 23

This is crazy. Yesterday evening I put on the AC for a couple of hours before bedtime because it had got up to 29º in the living room and I wanted to cool things down a bit before going to bed. This usually doesn’t happen until June ffs. It’s going to be a long and expensive summer.

And we also have water restrictions to look forward to. What irks is that we are already being told to cut back and save water (which of course is understandable and we are) but they’re still pushing for full on hotel and holiday apt occupancy this summer and the tourists can use as much of our precious water as they want. How is this right? Likewise with the AC. Because if the grid fails this summer it won’t be because locals are running their air conditioning units 24-7. Nobody here does that.

I am so fed up with all of this. The politicians keep bullshitting us with promises of Sustainable Tourism (elections are coming up next month) meanwhile ALL their actions point to the complete opposite. Imagine, politicians lying?? The media has even come up with the term Turismofobia which also puts the onus on us. It isn’t a fucking phobia. It’s a genuine concern based on a very stark reality. We aren’t imagining anything here, it is actually happening. So how is that a phobia? Ridiculous.

Between Covid deniers and Climate Change deniers I honestly don’t know how to feel any more. It feels pointless to keep raging against the machine when it seems most people just don’t give a fuck as long as they aren’t immediately affected, can still go out for dinner and take holidays and pretend like everything is normal.

I ain’t gonna lie, these past couple of years have taken a huge toll on my physical and mental well-being. I barely sleep any more, I feel exhausted and anxiety-ridden most days, and I don’t know what the answer is, or if there even is one. But I’ll still keep using my AC sparingly, keep wearing my mask in poorly ventilated public situations, and keep hoping for the best. xx