hair doodles

The other day on a tapas tour one of my guests had her hair pulled back and secured with one of these doohickeys. It’s actually meant for ponytails but, like me, Martha has very fine hair so she had twirled hers into a little knot and then kept it in place with this. She even did a demonstration at one of our bars, showing me how easy they are to use. SOLD. As soon as I got home I found them on Amazon and placed an order, which arrived the next day.

Can I tell you? It works! For the past practically forever I’ve been using a scrunchy made from braided shoelaces (actually cuter than it sounds), because normal hair clips and slides just slip off. But these guys. Easy peasy. A bit off-putting how it looks like ALIEN when you open it up, but it slides so gently over my little bun and after that I don’t even notice it’s there. Keeps my hair in place and, well, it’s also cute.

Can’t wait till I am finally ALL WHITE as there is also a pale gray alien in the packet and that’s going to totally tone in.