Our possible new sofa bed thingy.

We’ll be checking it out tomorrow morning. With a storage drawer option that fits underneath it (for blankets, bedding, etc).

Really quite excited about finally getting a new sofa, since my dear departed Lua totally ripped the old one to smithereens so that it is now just shreds of upholstery barely holding in the stuffing (cleverly hidden under cotton throw). And although I’m not really pleased about the new sofa not having any arms, I think the advantage of having a futon-like sofa bed with storage space at a very reasonable price (about 250€) makes up for that.

So now gearing up for that Total IKEA Experience … and seriously not looking forward to it. In part because I almost never make it through the kitchen section without buying loads of stuff I never knew I needed, but mostly because IKEA stores are not at all user-friendly for people who don’t own cars. And that half the time you go there for something specific it’s out of stock. So, fingers crossed …