It’s been fun but also quite trying at times . . .

Moving stuff over from the old Jaguar to the new Sexy Beast is taking quite a long time. Good thing there’s this Semana Santa thing going on at the moment so I don’t have pesky stuff like work getting in the way. Heck, I’m even letting Nog cook! πŸ˜‰

My very first computer was a very old second hand one given to me by a friend, known as the Dinosaur. So when I was able to finally buy my own brand new desktop four years ago it felt like driving a Jag in comparison. And of course my new one is just soooo sexy.

The good thing is that the Jag is still running more or less okay, so I will still be able to access stuff there as well as here. And in a way it feels a bit like spring cleaning. So many of the Jag’s files are very disorganised and full of junk I was saving ‘just in case’. So starting off fresh with SB means I can pick and choose what I want & need here and leave the rest ‘in the attic’, so to speak.

And so we are now a three-computer household. f_jester.gif

Feels a bit decadent . . .