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After six months of dealing with pee wars and cat fights it looks as if peace has broken out at casa az. The middle pic was taken earlier this evening – even as little as a month ago I thought I’d never see them that close to each other again.

I’d love to see them sleeping together again too but, as you can see, they still seem to prefer sleeping with the Big Cats. They do both sleep in bed with us now, but in opposite corners – that’s Azar’s ‘safe place’ up there, on top of my head. Sunny, being a dog, usually prefers sleeping at the foot of the bed.

Awhile ago we started leaving the boys to roam free at night rather than keeping them in separate rooms. And it was Nog’s idea to start feeding them together in the mornings when the only thing they are concerned about is their brekky. Then we started keeping the food dishes in the same room all the time, slowly moving them closer together. It seems that sleeping and eating together really helped them get used to each other again.

They still have little spats, and we don’t yet feel comfortable about leaving them alone together when we’re not at home, but it’s a helluva lot better than before.

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