f_holly.gifChristmas came early today at casa azf_holly.gif

After looking at several different cameras within a certain price range we stumbled upon this one last night and then went back this morning for a better look. And frankly, it has everything we want and need and the discounted price included a leather case and a 1 giga memory card, so what the heck. We bought it.

On our way home we stopped at Ay Maricrú! for a pre-lunch drink, and also to start playing with our new toy. Nog was in charge of reading the instructions, I was in charge of pressing all the buttons and going – “oh this is so cool!”. And when Carlos showed up with another round of drinks I said – “Look at our new camera! It’s our Christmas present for each other”, and Carlos winked at Nog and said – “So when do you get to enjoy it?”. Well ha. He gets to enjoy all the photos, doesn’t he???

Anyhow, just charging up the battery now and looking forward to taking our new gorgeous baby out for a trial run this evening. And we’re also looking for a name … thought about using one of the muses but they don’t really seem to fit. Any ideas?

Here are the specs.

[update: new camera name is Holly]