For anyone who would like to drop by. . .

Nog & I will be out mid-late afternoon, having lunch at Casa Robles and then stopping by our friend Eric’s place for a drink, but other than that it’ll be a quiet day at home (famous last words – last time we stopped by Eric’s for a drink we ended up lurching home around 6am!). We were actually invited to Eric’s ‘Christmas orphan’s’ lunch out on his huge rooftop terrace, but somehow we feel more like a quiet meal together this year, and then joining in on the party ‘ambientation’ later, picking up our friend Maria Paz on the way, who will be working.

Anyhow, all the puters will be on in case anyone wants to say hello by IM or Skype:

Yahoo IM – azaharh2g2
Skype – azahar.sevilla

And look! Matt has made it possible to snow in Sevilla!  🙂