Anyone else get an awful earworm from the title?

As I previously mentioned over here, I’ve opted to start off small in the world of mp3 players and bought this wee shuffle . . . mostly because it was on sale for only 45€ but also because it’s perfect for taking to the gym (I can clip it on my t-shirt sleeve) and meanwhile I can also see how much digital music I have, or have access to, and can better judge what size ipod nano I’ll eventually need/want. Though I’m already thinking that even 8GB is going to be smallish.

And so, after spending almost half an hour getting the damn thing out of the factory-sealed packaging f_cross.gif, and then figuring out how to get a few tunes on it, I tried out my cute silver shuffle for the first time when I went out to a class late yesterday afternoon. And . . . OMG! It’s a whole other world out there! I had no idea how wonderful it would be. Though there is a tendency to half-walk half-dance down the street and I have to take extra care looking out for traffic, as well as not singing along. But it’s very cool! f_cool.gif

Later on today will be the real test. I’ve downloaded a podcast of the News Quiz , which I love and haven’t heard for ages, so we’ll see if this keeps me going on the Dreaded Elliptical Machine for half an hour.