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Ever since I got my *ahem* iPod Nero it’s been a great alternative to using my mini stereo, which is just as well as it seems it was damaged during the move and the CD thingy no longer recognises when it has a CD in it. But the thing about my iPod is that it’s packed full of music, a lot of which was given to me and isn’t stuff I necessarily what I want to listen to every day, and so – almost four years later! – I got around to syncing it yesterday and creating a couple of playlists. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to do this.

I also finally recharged my little clip-on Shuffle (which has been sitting on my desk here since the move) and wore it to the gym. Which was really the reason I bought it in the first place and – oh man! – what bliss not to have to listen to the gawd-awful crap they have blasting there. Not only that, but the music of my choice actually inspired my workout and I didn’t feel like cutting it short just to get away from the throbbing electro beat bullshit that more often than not leaves me feeling stressed out and annoyed. Another positive step.

Now I’m quite looking forward to making a few more playlists and getting better use out of my iPod. Better late than never.