Do you eat five pieces of fruit a day?

I know it’s the recommended daily amount, but I’ve never understood how people find the time to eat so much fruit in one day. I eat maybe five pieces a month, though I do eat lots of veg and also have some sort of fruit juice every day (and no, not just grape juicef_redwine.gif ). It isn’t that I don’t like fruit, it’s just that I never get round to eating it.

But thanks to my friend “S” (aka Pipocas, popcorn mule and international woman of mystery) and my student & friend Paco (aka iskenderum ) that’s all about to change . . .

While we were out ’emergency shopping’ after our fabulous lunch the other day, S told me that she finally lost all the weight she put on after having her baby simply by adding five pieces of fruit to her daily diet. And although I suspected that this was largely due to her not having time to eat anything else I thought ‘can’t hurt might help’ and tried visualising myself as a fruit-eating person. To no avail.

Then a couple of days later Paco and I were talking about food during class (for a change) and he mentioned that he’d found a way of getting more fruit in his daily diet, and well, it just doesn’t get much more serendipitous than that, so I asked him for his secret. Which is very simple. Every day he takes five pieces of fruit and purées them with his moulinex hand mixer . . . and then he eats it throughout the day. And I thought to myself – hey I can do that! Because I’ve read that drinking juices doesn’t actually take the place of eating fruit and I find fruit smoothies a bit like drinking Guinnessf_stout.gif (too thick for a beverage, too thin to be food).

And so I made my first fruit purée yesterday using a granny smith apple, a banana, a kiwi, an orange and some pineapple.

It’s a bit like eating baby food, except I don’t purée mine too much as I like it a bit chunky. It’s certainly more substantial than either juice or smoothies so it feels like a proper meal. And it’s totally delicious with a dollop or two of plain yoghurt – makes a fabulous breakfast. Yesterday and today I only managed to eat half of the purée each day. But that’s still better than before – poco á poco!

Whaddaya think – good idea?