Or ‘toad skin’ melon – my latest food passion!

Remember way back in March when I solved my fruit dilemma by making fresh fruit purées? Well, that all went by the wayside when I went into hospital in May and somehow I never got back into the habit. Then the other evening I was out for a walk with Nog and I was so hot and tired and wishing I could have an icy cold granizada de limón … and suddenly I thought of melons. Lovely crisp and juicy piel de sapo melons. And so I told Nog that we had to get to a supermarket immediately.

And I was right. It wasn’t cold but it totally quenched my thirst and tasted so fresh and delicious … and well, I’ve been eating melon daily ever since. The trick is to find one that is perfectly ripe and, since I have no idea how to do this, I ask someone at the fruit stand. Personally I don’t think they know either but they’re quite good at looking like they do.

Am thinking melon would also go well in a frozen vodka drink