Last month, after I was told I was inoperable and there was no chance of a cure, I was tempted to max out my credit cards and take dream trips to London, New York and the Greek Islands. I was especially wanting to go to London for Christmas, but now that I have been given the chance of having a future again, I’d rather not spend that future being up to my eyeballs in debt.  And so, while London is sadly no longer an option, there are some inexpensive travel possibilities that have come up recently . . .

Two of them are thanks to my friend & student Manolo who has offered Nog & I the use of his apartment in central Málaga for a weekend, which would be a nice relaxing break. And especially nice for Nog who has only been to Málaga once before for a few hours, and never got to see the centre of town, which Manolo says is especially pretty at Christmas time.

Manolo also has a holiday apartment in Marbella (Alvarito Playa) that I help him rent out. He is about to do some renovations and decorating and says once that’s done I can have the use of the apartment for any week I’d like – and I’ll be able to invite friends as there is plenty of space. If we have a car there are lots of places to visit and explore around that area.

Then there is the weekend trip to Morocco with Pablo as travel guide.  Apparently there are lots of different package deals like the 65 euro one I found the other day, which includes hotel and ferry costs. We had talked about going this weekend but it would have been a bit crazy coming back on Sunday and going straight into hospital. So now we’re thinking of sometime in January, depending on my chemo schedule.

Meanwhile, one dream trip that might come true is that I could be going to Greece next June to help Beth celebrate her mother’s 75th birthday on the island of Crete.  Apparently I’d just have to pay for travel costs and chip in for food & drink while I’m there. So who knows …?

It’s nice to dream, innit?