My very own iPhone – can you believe it? f_somersault.gif

Yes I know that I was supposed to wait until I had well and truly overcome the cancer, but here’s what happened. A couple of weeks ago I received two text messages from my mobile phone provider.  One said that I had received 22,000 points for ‘customer loyalty’ and could use them before the end of December to upgrade my phone, and the other said I was being given an extra 50,000 points to use towards the purchase of an iPhone (or Nokia 5800, or Samsung Omnia), again until the end of December. So the other day I went to the Telefónica store to see exactly what this meant, dinero-wise…

It turned out that these bonus points along with the points I’d already accumulated came to a grand total of 96,000 points, which I was told meant that I could get an 8GB iPhone for less than half price. Which was really good news for Nog because he had already decided that he wanted to get me an iPhone for Christmas (well, as a Christmas/birthday prezzie).   🙂

The only thing is that I’m going to have to wait awhile before I can start playing with my new toy because the store is out of stock (plenty of 16GB models, but no 8GB ones) so in the meantime there is a cardboard cut-out iPhone under the tree…


I have to admit that after seeing this book display at Fnac last summer I wondered if I actually wanted to own a phone that apparently requires a huge thick book of instructions, especially as me and instructions manuals do not get along. But what the heck. At least my trial & error method should keep me busy for awhile.


And when in doubt I can always pester truce for help.

(since this is all her fault anyhow  😉 )

What did Santa bring you this year?