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4 iphones

When I got my first iPhone in January 2009 ol’ camera shy me thought that a good way of showing my mug as an avatar (instead of using a cat or an orange) would be to take a selfie with my cute new phone covering most of my face. And of course the best day to do this would be just after a haircut (and professional blow-dry) so that my usual frizzy “pelo frito” look would be more or less subdued. Thus began a tradition of creating a new avatar with each new iphone. And today was no exception. So here are all my bathroom selfies with iphones 3, 4, 5S and 6S, taken roughly two years apart. You’ll notice that more of my face shows each time, and that I was less free with the obvious touch ups on my most recent pic (though I did allow myself a couple of clicks on the “halo” filter). Vanity, eh?