I have basically been sleeping since last Thursday afternoon when Flor dropped me off at home after the last infusion.  I always seem to be hit hardest by the chemo during the first five days so I think it’s good thing to just give in and do what my body is demanding. Which is to rest.

When I was on chemo last summer I always had five awful days when I was laid low with nausea and could barely move from bed. After the first two infusions this time (with new anti-nausea meds) I felt a bit tired the first five days but got by with a nap in the afternoon. Little did I know this was because of the dexametasona, which gave me an energy boost but really made me pay for it when I crashed a few days later. This time with only the anti-nausea meds I don’t have nausea but I also have no energy whatsoever. I’ve managed a short walk each day – and even made it to yoga yesterday! – but the days have been punctuated by no less than three 3-hour naps. And you know what? I just give in. Like I have a choice?

But today is day six and I plan to get up and stay up. Wish me luck!