I’ve been having the best time working on my new store project with my old h2g2 pal, Taliesin. He came to my rescue the other day and has not only moved my old website for me, but is helping me design the new version. What a guy!

I’m hoping to have the store fully functional by March 1st … I think that should give Tal & me enough time to finish the design and techy stuff, as well as get the stock and shipping side of things organised. There’s a lot to do, and I will probably just start off with a few choice items, but along with English classes and possible tapas tours & wine tasting evenings, I might actually end up with something resembling an income.

Meanwhile, this is all so exciting and also very interesting. Tal is doing all the “heavy lifting” for this move and new set up, but I’ve been helping out here and there and also learning A LOT, which is always fun.

The generosity of my friends continues to overwhelm me.

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