Welcome Loki!

I am probably tempting fate by choosing this name (the original choice “Tapita” just didn’t feel right when I said it out loud to him) but he is definitely a source of mischief and mayhem. Just getting these few photos was extremely difficult as the little thing doesn’t sit still long enough … made me realise that it’s been over 16 years since I’ve had such a small kitten in the house. My goodness, they get absolutely everywhere! All the time!

Anyhow, after much ado, the little guy arrived here on Friday evening. He was a bit confused at first, and Azar (still recovering from his mystery illness) wasn’t very pleased to see him. But after a bit of hissing and spitting by both parties, we seem to have reached a place where they can be in the same room without any obvious rancour on Azar’s part. Loki was keen on being pals from the first minute he arrived (he was living with several other bigger cats in his foster home), but I think it’s going to take a bit of time for him to win Azar over.

Adorable watching him though. And yesterday I actually caught Azar playing with one of Loki’s toys – batting it around the livingroom – and my heart almost burst with joy. Though of course, it turns out my whole apartment is a huge cat toy – who knew?  Loki will play with anything and everything, including thin air. But to see Azar playing like that, especially as we are still having to force-feed him, really made my day.

So whaddaya think? Cute or what?

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