Touching once again on two recurring themes here … sleep and weight loss. Very embarrassed to say that my grand plan to start over and follow a low carb/low cal diet didn’t last long. It’s so frustrating when I look back to that post (February 1st) and realise if I’d stuck to it I’d probably be about 20 kilos lighter by now. Anyhow, I’ve come to realise that this whole health & fitness thing is like a tangled ball of wool for me and I keep pulling on the wrong loose ends to try and straighten it out, and it just gets more tangled. If that makes any sense. Which I know is going to sound like excuse making to some of you, but for me it’s a very true thing. And so, I am now focusing on the sleep thing again. Because a well-rested az is a happy az. And a happy az tends to want and like to do things that are good for her. To wit…

I looked back on all the sleep-related posts I’ve written here, most of which were written while on chemo or after operations. And the thing that struck me was that during those times I just slept whenever I felt like it. No real schedule, just listened to my body when it needed to lie down and have a rest. Even if I didn’t actually fall asleep, sometimes just lying down for 20 minutes or so was quite refreshing. But the best was sleeping at odd hours of the day, because I had no set schedule to maintain. In other words, being a cat.

And the thing is, except for my early morning yoga classes three times a week and my (too few) English classes, I can do my other work pretty much any time I want to. So I’ve been experimenting with sleep patterns in an attempt to find a way of finally getting enough sleep on a daily basis. Seriously, I walk around feeling quite exhausted a lot of the time without really realising it. And I only notice the difference on those rare occasions I sleep an entire eight hours – even one good night’s sleep makes me feel like a million bucks. So maybe this is the loose end that will help untangle things? We shall see. And let me be clear – I’m not trying to find the “easy way” of doing things. It’s more like needing to find the right starting point … I wish I could explain that better but I just can’t find the words.

Anyhow, this past week or so I’ve allowed myself to sleep in on non-yoga mornings and I make sure that I take a siesta on yoga days. Otherwise I’m just trying to pay attention to when I need to rest and when I need to move. Because too often I spend too much time sitting in front of the computer without getting up to stretch or walk around a bit, which is also exhausting. I’ve also started “walking” on the exercise bike at home while watching tv to get my circulation going.  Now if only I could find a way of strapping Shadow to the handlebars…

So yes. I am sleeping better. And feeling better.
And I can feel things changing for me.

How about you? Do you get enough sleep?

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