A selection of Loki’s favourite toys, including some that should NOT be played with, but try telling him that. Not shown: my bras & knickers. It took awhile to round everything up – the little yellow shoelace (this came from his original home) was finally discovered in Loki’s Lair behind the books, and his purple cord was found buried in the laundry hamper. For some I just put a sample image (one pencil rather than ALL of my pens & pencils, one sock, and just a few business cards) and there are usually several crumpled paper balls going at any given time. Of the balls he seems to show a preference for the orange pingpong ball because it goes REALLY FAST, but lately he’s been playing more with the little green & white dingle ball, which as you can imagine is quite a joy to listen to around 3am. That green bouncy ball is actually a bit dangerous as when it is left directly against the front door it acts as an excellent door stop and the door cannot be opened from the outside. The green thread spools are always fun – they make more noise than the wine corks.  And business cards are not only challenging to pick up in his teeth but they are excellent for hoarding, usually behind the books, but often he just loves to display his captured prey on Sunny’s old bed, which he took over almost from day one.

Below you can see Loki spoiled for choice – he was clearly confused to see ALL HIS TOYS in one spot and finally opted for the crumpled paper ball. You can also see another of Loki’s favourite toys (too large to show here) as well as an example of kitteh hoarding… heh

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spoiled for choice

curtain call

what bottle of wine?