Remember back in January when Sledpress sent me a fabulous birthday care package full of wonderful things to help make me feel better? Well, she’s gone and done it again, except this time even more so … and it isn’t even my birthday!

I’d just spent most of yesterday morning (after getting home from yoga class) dealing with landlord Pepe and the 100-year-old carpenter he’d brought over to “fix the doors and windows that don’t close properly”. Which are, well, all of them. And I felt so sorry for the old carpenter, who told me that if he’d known the state of things beforehand he’d never have accepted the job – he could see that all the doors and windows in the building were beyond repair and he didn’t like doing work that was “futile”. Anyhow, he managed to get the livingroom balcony doors so that they won’t fly open with every gust of wind, but there are still huge gaps that he said are impossible to repair because the doors are totally warped. He’s coming back on Thursday to tackle the rest of the doors. And in the middle of all this the postman rang up and said he had a package for me…

Check it out. A whole whack of serious Dr Dave supplements.  Including “Sleep Wizard” (when I saw that one I almost burst into tears). And the foot roller!  To say I was overwhelmed would be understatement. And following on the heels of this post on sleeping where I talked about getting back on the low-carb/low-cal wagon after sorting out my sleeping issues … well, this amazing gift has actually pushed me to get on it anyhow. I mean, if my wonderful friend Sled cares so much to send me all this stuff then, you know,  at least I can do my part!

I had already been planning to get back on the low-carb thing this week and seriously try out Dr Eades 30-day Solution Low Carb (I’ve had this book for ages, which was recommended by Gaelen) and now I am feeling quite motivated at last.

Thanks Sled. For this and also for our (almost) daily email chats. Means a lot to me.

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