Off to Málaga again! Well, maybe.

Not a holiday this time though. And no, I cannot afford this in the slightest, but it kind of just happened … or well, it’s almost happened. It all started a couple of weeks ago when María Paz told me she had to drive down to Málaga to pick up friends at the airport and said if I wanted to take some time off (she knows I love Málaga) that she could give me a lift and drop me off, and that she would also be glad of the company. I told her I wasn’t able to take holidays but later I thought it might be a good opportunity to visit the Málaga vineyards. You may recall that I’ve been working with a client on her social media stuff and so a visit to the vineyards and bodega would not only be interesting but would also help with writing the blog posts. And of course a couple of days staying at Manolo’s fabulous apartment wouldn’t be hard to take. But things haven’t quite turned out as planned…

Originally I thought I’d be going on Thursday evening with María Paz and coming back on Friday afternoon by train, and so arrangements were made for me to join in with a group of four Americans restauranteurs who will be visiting the vineyard on Friday morning. Then María Paz told me she had confused the day, which meant going on Wednesday night. Which kind of wiped out the “free ride” benefit as whatever I’d have saved on train fare would’ve probably end up being spent on an extra day in Málaga, but what the heck. Since I’d just found out my PET was no longer going to be this week I decided it was going to be worth it, that’s what credit cards are for, blah blah…

And then yesterday María Paz called to say she had really messed things up and that her friends were actually coming in THAT NIGHT. Well fuck. There was no way. I only have three English classes this week and they are all today. So no point in “saving” a one-way train fare by losing three classes, and besides, I had to get my chemo port flushed out yesterday evening. Which leaves me in a quandary. Plans have been made, I am all set to finally see the vineyard … what to do? I mean, I would never even have considered going to Málaga this month if not for María Paz’s offer of a free ride. But now that the wheels have been set into motion I am thinking that – depending on the PET scan results – I may not actually be going anywhere for the rest of the summer, so it’s probably best to do this now.

I still have 24 hours to decide. What should I do?

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