The last thing I expected to be doing this morning was hanging out at the hospital for six hours. So much for “only” three visits this month. But in fact, it all started about 25 years ago, back when I was living in Toronto.

I was at the gym and bent over to pick up my towel and my heart suddenly started racing like mad. Scared the hell out of me. And I was so scared two hours later when it hadn’t stopped that I ended up going to Emergency. Of course while I was in the waiting room my heart rate went back to normal. Since then I’ve had this happen on quite a regular basis, though I learned that if I lie down and pull my knees to my chest then the tachycardia stops. I’ve been to specialists, have had numerous EKGs, and once even wore a little “heartbeat recorder” for a couple of days, but nobody could discover why this happened to me. The usual trigger is me being overheated and/or bending over – it’s like flicking a switch. And it usually stops just as suddenly if I lie down.

Except last night it didn’t…

I woke up around 3am and saw that it was 33 degrees in my bedroom. We’re really in the middle of a heat wave. Anyhow, I got up and had a long drink of cold water and when I got back into bed the tachycardia started. So I did the usual deep breathing and pulling knees to chest. Nada. And four hours later things still hadn’t gone back to normal – I admit I was getting quite nervous because it has never lasted that long before. So Nog and I taxied over to the hospital and I’ve been here ever since.

And of course the tachycardia stopped as soon as I got here.

But I had an EKG done and some blood tests. Twice. Am now waiting for the second results to come back. As “luck” would have it my heart started pounding again (it’s never happened twice in the same day before) while I was out having brekky, so I nipped back here and they did a second EKG. The doctor said it was curious because although my heart is beating faster it’s quite regular (I was sure this morning there was arrhythmia happening). So now they are talking about putting me back on the machine. Bleh. Just when I was revelling in Being In Good Health.

So I guess as soon as I get the second blood test results I can get this poky thing out of my vein and go home. First time I’ve used the WordPress iPhone app to write a post. It’s a bit clumsy and slow going, but sure has helped pass the time.

I think I should have just gone to yoga class…

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