So this is the first day that my new kitchen has actually felt “operational”. There is still some organising to do, and a couple of minor repairs pending, but at least now things are put away so that I know where everything is. This is a quick photo taken just now while starting to cook the first “proper dinner” here. Which will be marinated potatoes, steamed broccoli and grilled presa. Yum.

Of course the kitchen was the most important room to be made properly functional. And with all my blue and yellow stuff, it kind of makes the RED actually look kind of cute – primary colour kitchen. Also, the red cupboard knobs remind me of flamenco polka-dots. I still think I’d prefer to have the dishwasher removed to give me more storage space, but mostly what I would LOVE would be to change that ceramic-top cooker to a gas one. I already hate the cooker – it’s even worse than the one over at the old place (which was top of the line). I don’t like cooking with electric under the best of conditions, and this is far from the best.

But poco á poco, especially with my ANKLE. So frustrated I can’t be doing more, accompanied by worries that I’m doing too much. I mean, I can’t even help out by carrying  a basket of laundry to hang upstairs. It’s driving me bonkers. I think the next room will be a tandem effort between the livingroom and upstairs study… with this ankle I barely get a chance to visit the upstairs and terraza. But MUST water plants tomorrow.

Sara & Steve … if you click on the pic and look real close you can see all the Simon’s Cat magnets on the top part of the fridge (on the left).

What would be your priority rooms?